Chimney Services

What may seem like small and insignificant damage now may turn into a larger, more extensive repair later. If needed, we may be able to provide same-day chimney cleaning services. Our comprehensive chimney inspections are performed by certified and licensed technicians on both residential and commercial properties.

During the chimney inspection process, we will inspect your chimney or fireplace for creosote, a toxic byproduct of fire burning, as well as any nests or debris that may have accumulated since your last cleaning. We will also ensure that your chimney is free of water damage that could result in costly repairs. We perform level 1, level 2, and level 3 chimney inspections to cover your needs.

Chimney inspections are a critical first line of defense against problems that could result in expensive repairs later. Rain, high winds, and other severe weather conditions can cause deterioration — and while it may seem minor at first, even a small fix can become an expensive repair if it isn’t caught early enough. We recommend having your chimney inspected annually to ensure no damage could pose a hazard for you or your loved ones.

Our chimney inspections will always leave you with peace of mind. The technicians are trained to perform complete, comprehensive inspections from top to bottom to ensure that the slightest imperfection doesn’t result in a financial burden or a serious safety hazard. At the end of each inspection, you will receive a full point-by-point report that makes understanding your chimney a breeze.


We offer a variety of exceptional services for your wood fireplace inserts, and will always work with your unique needs to ensure everything is done according to your wishes.


A proper tarp placement is used for a clean workspace, and we utilize a high-powered 3-filter vacuum system while we sweep the chimney and brush all components, fireplace, and insert.


We compile a full report is generated which includes: the problematic areas (fire hazards, preventative maintenance & structural), the recommended solutions, and estimated prices for repairs.


We do minor and major repairs on the inside and outside of the chimney & fireplace, and most repairs can typically be completed within ONE full day.

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